Renewals for 2017 members

Personalised renewal letters for 2018 were available for all current members to collect at the AGM on 11th December 2017. Those that were not collected at the AGM were posted to members the following day.

The quickest and easiest way to renew is to use your Internet or Telephone Banking service to make your payment direct to our account rather than writing and posting a cheque.  Account details are on the renewal letter and you do not need to return the form. In 2017 around 40% of the membership made their renewal payments this way.  Alternatively you can return the signed renewal form with a cheque to the address on the form.  

No photograph is required if you are renewing your 2017 membership as we already have one on file.  Please advise us of any changes to your details either via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by marking the changes on the form and returning it to the address on the form.

If you have lost your renewal letter - or didn't receive one - then please fill in a new membership form, but write RENEWAL and your 4-digit membership number at the top.  As an existing member you can still claim your £3 renewal discount even if using a new membership form.


New members

Are you are interested in learning to fly radio controlled model aircraft? This link on the British Model Flyers Association (BMFA) website will give you some basic information to help you get started. The advice is primarily aimed at the prospective fixed wing pilot; helicopters have their own special construction and operating considerations and are dealt with separately on the BMFA website.

The club subscription for 2018 is £10 for adults and free for under-18s. EDMAC 2018 membership is valid from the date of joining until 31st December 2018. You are welcome to join at any time, but if joining late in the year please bear in mind that you will need to renew your membership to continue flying after 31st December.

As the club is affiliated to the BMFA, all members must also be BMFA members.  This is a BMFA requirement. If you do not already have BMFA membership (either through another club or as a "country" member) EDMAC can arrange your BMFA membership for you.  Details are on the membership form.

BMFA membership is valid from the date of joining until 31st December of the same year.  BMFA subscriptions were reduced for anyone joining after 1st July, and again from 1st September.  The club membership form has been updated to reflect the September reduction.  There are also reductions for BMFA "family" membership where one member pays the full price and a partner and/or any number of under-18s registered at the same address pay a reduced rate. 

Further information on BMFA membership can be found on the BMFA website.

The EDMAC Membership Form for 2018 can be downloaded either as a Microsoft Word document or as a PDF document. Click the icon below for the format you require. 

Word PDF

After completing the form please send it with your payment and a passport-size photograph (we need this for your membership card) to the address shown on the form. Please write your name on the back of the photograph.

If you need a viewer to display and print the PDF file click the Adobe icon below to download the latest version of Adobe Reader.

Get Adobe Reader


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