Policy for the Promotion of Welfare and Care of Children and Vulnerable Adults

It is the policy of EDMAC that the care and welfare of children and vulnerable adults whilst using the facilities of the club shall be the responsibility of all members of the club. The Children Act 1989 indicates that everyone has a part to play whether they are an elected officer, club officer, instructor or member. Key responsibilities also lie with parents, guardians, carers and friends towards those for whom they are caring.



  • A "junior member" is defined as a person under 18 years of age.
  • A "vulnerable adult" is defined as a person of 18 years of age or over but through mental or physical attributes requires a higher level of supervision than would be normally commensurate with an adult member.
  • DBS - Disclosure and Barring Service
  • BMFA - British Model Flying Association


Responsibilities under this policy


The Club has appointed a Club Welfare Officer who will be a point of contact for matters appertaining to this policy.

DBS checks shall be carried out voluntarily on all individuals who are likely to have close operational contact with any member falling under this policy. DBS checks are carried out under the auspices of the BMFA and shall be carried out every three years.

The Club shall use it's best endeavours to provide sufficient DBS checked Instructors for members falling under this policy. This shall be reviewed at each Committee meeting. In the event that no DBS checked instructors are available at the time of application for membership an applicant will be placed on a waiting list pending the availability of an instructor.

The Membership Secretary shall liaise with the Club Welfare Officer on all new memberships falling under this policy.

The Committee shall circulate to the membership by all normal means, information relevant to this policy to ensure that the membership is as well informed as is practicable.


Club Welfare Officer

To assist the club in following this policy and to ensure that it is in accord with the guidelines laid down in the Promotion of Welfare and Care of Children and Vulnerable Adults in Model Flying as published by the BMFA.

To liaise with the Committee providing input on any matters that arise over this policy.

Ensure that new initiatives and information from the BMFA are communicated to the Committee and thereby on to the club and its members.

Ensure that any issues arising from this policy are raised as an item on the Committee meeting agenda.

Ensure that all club members working with children or vulnerable adults have received appropriate training and are suitably qualified.

Liaise with BMFA HQ on children and vulnerable adult issues and report any such issues to the Committee for any wider action that may be necessary.



It is a requirement of EDMAC that all children and vulnerable adults shall be accompanied by either a parent or adult nominated by a parent at all times.

Should your child or the vulnerable person for whom you care have any existing medical or special needs you must inform the club in writing. Whereas the club shall use it's best endeavours to accommodate special needs it must be clearly understood that the safety of all overrides all considerations and regrettably, in some cases it may not be possible to accommodate some special needs.

The EDMAC Welfare Officer has explained the limits of physical contact that may occur in our sport.



The implementation of EDMAC policies and procedures are the responsibility of the entire membership whilst flying on Epsom Downs.

In particular, should any adult member discover a junior member is unsupervised, the adult member should assume responsibility for their safety in the first instance. The Parent or Nominated Adult should be sought out and, in any case, the Club Welfare Officer / Duty Member and / or a Committee Member must then be made aware of the situation as soon as possible.

At all times members should be aware of the requirements of the Children Act (1989) and the Club Policy & Procedures and avoid placing themselves in a position which could be open to misinterpretation or question.



Parents & Responsible Adults

Any concerns should be communicated to the Club Welfare Officer in the first instance. Alternatively, the parent or responsible adult should contact any Committee Member available at that time and with whom they feel comfortable to discuss the matter.


Club Welfare Officer

In the event of the Club Welfare Officer being contacted regarding any concerns under this Policy, they will:

  • Reassure the person and take them seriously.
  • Explain that they will inform the Club Committee and will ensure the matter is investigated promptly.
  • Make written notes of what the person said.
  • Maintain confidentiality and only discuss the matter with those within the Club who need to know.
  • Assist in any investigation, working with the Committee to agree on what action is required, if any.
  • Ensure that the findings and any action required is communicated to all those who need to know, including but not limited to, the BMFA and the parent or responsible adult.


Club Committee

Where the Committee has been advised of a concern under this Policy, they will:


  • Involve the Club Welfare Officer, if not already involved.
  • Ensure the matter is promptly and fully investigated and documented.
  • Ensure that any necessary actions are taken according to this policy and these procedures.
  • Ensure that all relevant parties are advised of the outcome as appropriate.
  • Ensure that any necessary amendments to Club Polices, Procedures and Rules are made and communicated as necessary.
  • Maintain confidentiality and only discuss the matter with those within the Club who need to know.



Any member having a concern under this Policy, should contact the Club Welfare Office in the first instance as soon as is reasonably possible, or any Committee Member with whom they feel comfortable to discuss the matter.

Any member that is approached directly by a parent, responsible adult or junior expressing a concern under this Policy, should contact the Club Welfare Officer as soon as reasonably possible or any Committee member. In addition they should:

  • Stay calm and reassure the person.
  • Take the person seriously.
  • Be honest and explain that they will have to inform somebody else
  • Make written notes of what was said to them.
  • Maintain confidentiality and only tell those people who need to know, as quickly as reasonably possible.

They should not:

  • Take any inappropriate action.
  • Make any promises or judgements.
  • Undertake sole responsibility to investigate the matter.



It should be clear to all that matters covered by this policy are to be handled in a sensitive and confidential manner, at all times following the policy and procedures as outlined in this document.

Where action may not be clear under this policy, members must seek the advice of the Club Welfare Officer whose responsibilities are well defined within this document. The Committee has undertaken in this policy to investigate all matters that are reported and will follow the guidelines as set down by the BMFA.

With the exception of ensuring the safety of any member under this policy; under no circumstances shall any member of EDMAC take the resolution of such matters into their own hands. Equally they should not draw any conclusions over any information that has been reported to them. The Club Welfare Officer has the responsibility to be the initial point of contact in matters concerning this policy and will ensure that action is taken within the guidelines of this policy.

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