1. Name

The name of the Club shall be the "Epsom Downs Model Aircraft Club" herein after referred to as the "Club".

2. Aims

The aims of the Club shall be to encourage and promote the practice of flying model aircraft in a safe and proficient manner, and respect the rights of other Downs users.

3. Constitution

The Club is a Members' Club and non-profit making.

4. Membership

There shall be the following classes of Membership, all of whom shall sign the Membership Application Form: -

a) Full Members who pay an annual subscription as determined by the Club, and have the following rights: -

(i) Full voting rights.  Applications for Committee posts up for election must be submitted to the Chairman 14 days in advance of the AGM.  Votes by proxy are acceptable for specific candidates or to the Committee to act on their instructions by email or full written and signed authorisation up till the day preceding the AGM.  Votes by proxy are acceptable on the night of the AGM where a full written and signed authorisation is supplied by a Member specifically to another Member.  In these circumstances only one proxy vote may be accepted per Member.

(ii) May stand for election to the Committee, subject to living within a 10 mile radius of the Downs.

b) Junior Members - under 18 years of age and who pay an annual subscription, but may not vote until they reach 18 years of age.

5. Subscriptions

Subscriptions shall fall due on 1st January each year. Members whose subscriptions remain unpaid at 31st January following shall be deemed to have resigned. Members insurance cover expires on the preceding 31st December. After that date, members who have not already paid their renewal subscriptions will be uninsured and may not fly on the Downs until a Committee member has received their subscription.

Subscription levels will be determined at the AGM.

6. Application for Membership

a) No person shall become a member of the Club without signing the official Membership   Application Form of the Club and presenting it to a Committee member.

b) If the person joining is under 18 years of age, his/her parent or guardian must signify approval and acceptance of any liability by countersigning the application, and must be accompanied by a parent or guardian whilst flying.

c) The acceptance of an application shall be by simple majority vote of the Committee, which may accept or reject any application without furnishing reasons

7. Expulsion

Any Member who in the opinion of the Committee has been guilty of conduct detrimental to the interests of the Club may be requested by the Committee to resign, subject to an opportunity being given to explain their conduct. Failing their resignation, they may be expelled from the Club by resolution of the Committee.

8. Insurance and Members Liability for Damage

a) The Club is affiliated to the British Model Flying Association ("BMFA"). All Members shall be covered at all times by BMFA Insurance. All Members of the Club shall also be members of the BMFA.

b) Any Member having an accident, which becomes the subject of an Insurance claim is liable for any compulsory excess required under the terms of the insurance and must notify a Committee Member as soon as possible.

9. Flying Regulations

a) The Committee may from time to time, and in conjunction with the Conservators, amend or rescind the flying regulations. These regulations are binding on all Club Members.

b) A breach of any flying regulation may constitute conduct detrimental to the interests of the Club. This provision shall not prejudice the generality of the expression "conduct detrimental to the interests of the Club" as used in Rule 7.

10. General Meetings

An AGM will be held in December of each year, the date, time and place to be fixed by the Committee. At least 21 days notice of a General Meeting shall be given via the web site and a notice placed on the RC pegboard. Any items of special business should be submitted in writing, 14 days in advance, to the Chairman. At least 20% of the membership must be present at an AGM or SGM to allow the meeting to go forward and make any decisions binding.

11. The Committee

a) The Committee shall consist of not less than 5 Members (4 Officers and 1 Lay Member) and not more than 8 Members (4 Officers and 4 Lay Members), and shall be elected by a show of hands at the AGM. The Chairman shall determine the number of Lay Members elected. All Committee members should live within a 10 mile radius of the Downs.

b) The Officers of the Club shall be: - a Chairman; a Vice-Chairman; a Secretary; and a Treasurer. Within the Committee each of the disciplines of Free Flight, Fixed Wing and Helicopters are to be individually represented by a Committee Member.

c) A Quorum shall consist of 4 Members of the Committee and must be in existence at any meeting.

d) Should the Committee become less than 5 Members, the remaining Members may, if constituting a Quorum, co-opt a new Member(s) to the Committee. If the remaining Members do not constitute a Quorum, they shall promptly arrange a SGM of the Membership to elect new Member(s) to the Committee. At least 14 days notice of such an election shall be given with nominations for the post(s) accepted at the meeting.

e) Members of the Committee shall hold office for a two-year term, and shall then be eligible for re-election. To ensure continuity, at any AGM half of the Committee will either stand down, or put themselves up for re-election.

f) All Committee Members are duty bound to attend the AGM.

12. Annual Accounts

The Committee shall produce an audited set of Accounts on an annual basis. These Accounts will be available for inspection at the AGM.

13 Visitors

Visitors will be permitted to fly on the Downs on the strict understanding that each individual is limited to 3 visits in any club year, they are accompanied by a club member at all times, the Club Member takes full responsibility and has acquired an EDMAC visitor pass for the guest's chosen day. The visitor must have his own BMFA insurance unless visiting under the BMFA First time Inexperienced Flyer Provision. R/C guests without an "A" test must be accompanied on the flight line by a Qualified Club pilot i.e. one with an "A" test or higher Achievement rating in the same discipline.

14. Winding Up

In the event of and upon the winding up of the Club, whether voluntary or otherwise, the assets of the Club shall be given to a registered charity(s) nominated at the winding up meeting.

15. Alteration of the Constitution

Alterations to the Constitution may only be made at the AGM.

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