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Nearly all sites on the Internet use cookies to some extent to assist in navigation and maintaining sessions.  Cookies have been in use for over 15 years, but their public profile has recently been raised due to the European Privacy Regulations.  Cookies are small text files placed in your browser by websites and read back later by the same site.  They are used to remember information and are generally innocuous.  They are not capable of transmitting viruses or installing malware.  You can read more about cookies on sites such as Wikipedia.

This site uses two cookies which are non-persistent - in other words they are deleted when you close your internet browser.  These cookies are required by the Joomla software on which this site is based, to maintain the correct navigation around the site.

The site uses two Google Maps, one on the Location page, the other in the Rules page.  In the past Google Maps has set persistent cookies.  This site has been modified to use the latest version of the Google Maps interface (Google Maps API version 3 if anybody is interested in the details!) which do not set any cookies.

Note that links from this site to external sites will take you to sites which are likely to have their own privacy and cookies policies.  This includes requesting directions from the google location map.


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