1. This flying site, shown bounded in red on the attached map, is operated by Epsom Downs Model Aircraft Club.

2. The no fly zones, as shown on the attached map are: - the Car Park, any part of the Racecourse proper, behind the flight line, or over the pits area. Please note the no low-flying zone to the west of Walton Road where any R/C model may not be flown below 30m (100ft) unless making a landing approach. The By-Laws prohibit the flying of R/C models lower than 61m (200ft) in the kite-flying zone.

3. Only members of EDMAC are licensed to fly and all pilots must have their EDMAC & BMFA membership cards with them at all times for identification purposes when flying on the Downs. All pilots must have BMFA 3rd Party Insurance and hold a valid Registration Competency Certificate.

4. Flying Times - No models may be flown before noon or after sunset. No Radio Controlled model or any model powered by I/C or electric motors may be flown after 20:00hrs. All models guided by 35Mhz PCM or 2.4Ghz transmitters must have a functioning failsafe.

5. The Club operates the BMFA Flying Achievement Scheme with a BMFA “A” certification being the minimum qualification to fly solo, Pilots of multi-rotor craft which cannot have the built in stabilisation circuitry switched off can only fly solo when they have passed the BPC “A” multi-rotor test. Pilots without an “A” certificate in any discipline must be accompanied on the flight line by an “A” certificated Club pilot (heli pilot OK for multi-rotor) of the same discipline before flying their model.

6. For safety and common-sense reasons, ALL fixed wing I/C or electric models must be tethered using a tail or other secure mechanical restraint when starting and carrying out range checks with the following proviso. A mechanical restraint may not be required for lightweight models powered by an I/C engine of less than 1.5cc or its equivalent sized electric motor, or for any plane without an undercarriage. These models however must be physically restrained at all times in a safe manner during pre-flight checks, whilst the engine is running or, in the specific case of an electric model when it is switched on and live.

7. Models must not take off from, or taxi back into, the pits. Only 6 R/C models are allowed in the air at one time. All pilots must stand in the same “flight box” at the downwind end of the flight line.

8. When fixed-wing aircraft are flying, no low level aerobatics are permitted by any pilot over the strip.

9. All Club Members are to consider themselves to be Safety Marshals to make the general public aware, and request that they exercise caution, when model aircraft are flying. No Club member is to fly any RC, or propeller driven I/C or Electric FF model aircraft without another person being present.   

10. Only transmitters operating on the, 35MHz & 2.4GHz band are permitted.

11. 35Mhz Transmitters must not be switched on until the pegboard has been checked for frequency clearance. A peg on system is in operation and applies to all frequency bands. Adjacent frequency channel checks are advisable. All pegs should carry the full name of the pilot.

12. The By-Laws prohibit the flying of any aircraft with a dry weight of more than 7 kg or 15.4 lbs. Dry weight is defined for I/C models as being without fuel, glow or petrol, but with its battery for electric motor planes.

13. The D.o.E. noise limit for powered aircraft of 82 db maximum at 7 mtrs on all 4 faces applies.

14. All pilots must be familiar with the By-Laws, accept any checks, recommendations or requests that the Conservators or Rangers may make, and act in compliance with their requirements. All Club members should treat all other Downs Users with courtesy and civility.

Rules 2, 5, 7, 8 are specific to the flying of Radio Control Models and do not apply to Free Flight Models.

Last updated November 2021


In the map above;

  • The red line marks the boundary stated in the byelaws for model flying.
  • The light red shading marks where the byelaws require a minimum altitude of 61 metres (200 feet) for radio-controlled aircraft. This is the area at the Tattenham Corner end of the racecourse.
  • The dark red shaded area south of the r/c strip marks the Pits no-fly zone.
  • The green shaded area is the area where R/C models may not be flown below 30m (100ft) in this zone unless making a landing approach. This is the area at the western end of the racecourse.
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